Digital Radiography

Digital radiography uses digital means to render a detailed image of your child’s mouth via X-ray. The results of digital radiography are immediate, and can easily be shared between other doctors, if necessary. The newest technologies in digital radiography have significantly reduced the radiation exposure, while producing high-quality images.

Comprehensive Oral Exam

The best protect against tooth loss, gum disease and various dental conditions is still regular examinations by your dentist. A comprehensive exam may include the following

  • Study Models: a dental study model is made from impressions and creates a 3-D model of your mouth to be studied and analyzed by your dentist. It allows for a clear view of tooth alignment and any teeth that might require related treatment.
  • Full mouth series/panoramic: full mouth X-rays combined with a panoramic X-ray provides your dentist with a total view of your child’s mouth.
  • TMJ Screening: the Temporomandibular Joint, often called TMJ, is the joint located where your lower jaw meets your skull in front of your ear. Various symptoms can be associated with a TMJ disorder, such as pain in the area, earaches, headaches, difficulty or a limited ability to open the mouth and popping or clicking sounds. While these symptoms aren’t exclusive to TMJ conditions, an examination is important to verify or rule out causes.
  • Periodontal screening: periodontal screenings help to detect gum diseases, such as gingivitis and periodontitis.